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Last updated on Tuesday 2 February 2016
What is Organic Silica?


Properties :

Organic Silicon G5 is an active principle which helps maintain general well-being, indispensable for sports people, convalescents, ill or old people.
It deals with the reconstruction of cellular membranes by making them more resistant to the peroxidation of the phospholipids and the formation of free radicals.

Why is silicon so important?

The amount of organic silicon in humans diminishes during the ageing process, in an irreversible way, particularly after the age of 40. One of the first noticeable signs of a shortage of organic silicon is arterial problems. This is the case for hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The main cause is a chronic deficit of organic silicon in our food.
Organic silicon is an essential element of the living organism, which can be of animal or vegetable origin. It has been proven that organic silicon, a physiological element of blood and tissue, is essential to the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and the production of vitamin D.

The human body is not capable of converting mineral silicon, which has been taken in, into organic silicon. (The mineral silicon cannot be absorbed by the human organism, (conversion must be carried out by plants and micro-organisms).
Organic Silicon G5 is a natural product, which is not harmful.
Even after years of taking G5, organic silicon does not produce any side effects.
The use of the Organic Silicon G5 is not restricted to humans; G5 can also be effective for domestic animals.
Organic Silicon G5 can also be taken by young children and pregnant women.

Organic Silicon G5 is recommended for:

-Keeping joints supple
-Supporting and preserving cartilage
-Bone development and it stimulates calcium absorption
-Rejuvenating tissues
-Protecting the elasticity of arterial tissue
-Protecting the ligaments and tissue plasticity
-Maintaining healthy hair and nails.
-Supporting the consolidation of fractures
-Calcium Regulation
-Rejuvenating the skin and keeping it supple (it is a component contained in collagen)
-The gel and spray can be used locally and also in cases of burns and sunburn.
-For the connective tissue of the skin
-Delaying the effects of aging.

The Silanes Triols (monomethylsilanetriol) are distinguished from each other by the presence of carbon atoms associated with hydrogen.
The LLR G5 laboratory meets the highest standards of European legislation, regarding the production and distribution of this product, that is sold and used in Europe and around the world for many years, by hundreds of thousands of users who recognise and appreciate its numerous beneficial effects.



- G5 does not present any toxicity (1):

- It is compatible with any therapy which users may undertake before or after its use;

- It does not cause any side effects, even after use for a period of consecutive years;

G5 can be used by young children and by pregnant women.

- Numerous veterinary applications of G5 have been successfully carried out on livestock (horses, cows, pigs), poultry (hens and ducks), aquarium fish, dogs and cats.


Organic silicon G5 is available in the following forms:

- Organic Silicon liquid solution 1 litre

- Organic Silicon liquid solution 500 ml ! Preservative FREE

- Organic Silicon gel in a tube 150 ml

- Organic Silicon gel pump 750 ml

Why are the effects of Organic Silicon so extraordinary?

Scientific studies prove that any disorder in the body comes in part from a lack of balance in cellular electricity:
The layer of electricity which covers the membrane of the living cell is made up of positive ions, the internal surface of this membrane is made up of negative ions. The cellular permeability and impermeability are controlled by this electrical system. When the cell is altered by an aggression from outside, this ideal equilibrium is disturbed by an electrical difference and it will draw on its reserves of electrical charges to get back to its ideal state.

Nevertheless in certain cases, when the cell cannot find the necessary resources because the body is weakened (stress, fatigue, illness, old age) it then becomes the site of a pathological development. Organic Silicon G5 is unique due to the presence of atoms of carbon and of hydrogen. Due to its particular electrical structure, organic silicon is constantly seeking ionic equilibrium, bringing or taking electrical charges to deficient cells in order that they regain their autonomy, they are once again able to receive the nutriments and reject waste, they can react to aggressions once again.
G5 would in some way be a means of rebalancing the ions for the whole of the body.

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Did you know?
Treat your scars
Organic Silicon has a truly astonishing effect on scars, even old ones. Apply Organic Silicon G5 gel twice a day. Caution: do not apply the gel to an open wound. If you are injured, disinfect the wound and apply the gel around it. When the scab has formed, you can begin to apply the gel to it. Continue the treatment until you have healthy, smooth skin.

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