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Last updated on Tuesday 17 November 2015

Welcome to the website of BIOTICAS

"ORIGINAL G5 ORGANIC SILICON" is manufactured by the laboratory of LLRG5 Ltd, Ireland.

 Putting your trust in G5 ORGANIC SILICON is the right option as this is a product that represents purity, quality and authenticity.
The laboratory at LLRG5 Ltd, Ireland was established in 1999 by Doctors of Science Loïc Le Ribault and Luc Verardo. Today it manufactures 70% absorbable organic silicon, in comparison to other brands which after testing show an absorption rate of just 15-20%.

The laboratory complies with European legislation standards for manufacturing and distributing this nutritional supplement which has been sold and consumed throughout Europe and the world for many years by tens of thousands of people who know and value its numerous benefits.

The website offers you a fully secure system for placing your orders and paying by credit card online. Another option is to place your order by post, sending us the purchase order that you can print out together with a cheque, or by sending us the purchase order by fax and paying by bank transfer.
The package is then sent to you by Post, Taxipost, Colissimo.

FREE DELIVERY if you buy min. 1 product of Organic Silicon

  Pack Regulat ProBio x 3 
Range: Regulat ProBio
Regulat ProBio is a real feast for the body! The name “Regulat” comes from its powerful regulatory effect that it causes ... Find out more

132 €

  G5 Preservative-Free 2 x 500ml
Range: G5 Organic Silicon

43 €

  G5 Preservative-Free 500ml 6+2 Free
Range: G5 Organic Silicon

129 €

  G5 liquid 3L + 1L Free
Range: G5 Organic Silicon

114 €

  G5 Gel 150 ml
Range: G5 Organic Silicon

24 €

  G5 Spray 200 ml
Range: G5 Organic Silicon

12 €
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To find out more: G5 liquid 3L + 1L Free
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