Free transport costs from 59 €*

--> Above 59 € : transport cost = 13,90 € (*E.U)

Shipping delay :

Your order will be dispatched following weight and transport company chosen by Bioticas :

2 to 6 workingdays by post

2 to 4 workingdays by privacy transporter

These delays may exceed for external reasons to Bioticas and may not be a reason of cancellation of the order, nor claim any penalty.


Contact-us and ask the reference of your package

By Post : a transit advice will be presented at the client's address asking him to get the package at the closest post office

By Transporter : a transit advice will be presented at the client's address inviting him to contact the transport company to make a new appointment or to get the package at the closest agency office.

In case of an absent client and if the transporter or Post is unable to deliver the a transit advice or in case the delivery address is incomplete, Bioticas will contact the client by email so he will be able to make a new (and last) appointment, or he can also get the package at the Post office or at the transport office.

At this stage of the delivery, we also propose you the possibility to deliver the package at another address at the condition that the address is in the same area, but if you want to change the final destination of the delivery, cost will be on charge of the client, based on quotation.

In case of return of the package at Bioticas, expedition fees will stay on charge of the client.  In case the client wants to be reimbursed of his order instead of being send again, Bioticas has the right to deduct the amount of the transport charges of Post or transporter off the total amount of the order.

In case of delivery delay within 3 days workingdaysadded to the normal delivery terms written above, BIOTICAS invites the client to mention this delay by email trough the CONTACT form.

or on phone number 0032 10 24 3004 - free call for France : 0805 321 056 and Belgium : 0800 17 050

BIOTICAS will imediately contact the transport company or the Post and ask for an investigation.  If the package is lost, BIOTICAS will send a new package as soon as possible at the client's address.  On the other hand, the product is not localised, the transporter will consider that the package is lost.  At the end of the inquiery, BIOTICAS may send a package in replacement at his own charge.  If the item ordered is no more available, the client will be reimbursed of the amount of that item.

During delivery :

IT IS MANDATORY for the client to check the physical state of the package and its contents in presence of the transporter.  Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damaged, missing,...) has to be mandatory mentioned on the delivery note of the transporter.  The client will also have to communicate this anomaly by sending to the transporter, within 2 workingdays from the moment of delivery, a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt with the explanation of the anomaly.

No items  will be replaced or exchanged if conditions above are not respected.

Each exchange has first to be approved by Bioticas and asked in advance by email or post by the client.
Return transport fees are on behalf of customer