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Last updated on Monday 9 March 2015
ORGANIC Aubier du tilleul (sapwood of lime tree)

ORGANIC Aubier du tilleul (sapwood of lime tree)
Range: ORGANIC Aubier du tilleul (sapwood of lime tree)
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Roussillon organic wild sapwood of lime tree
  • Excellent herbal detox aid
Since 1916, Roussillon wild sapwood of lime tree has given rise to research by François Domenach and numerous therapists seeking to enhance their knowledge of it. No other region and no other source of lime sapwood is able to provide the same properties and beneficial effects. This is why “La Gravelline” offers its sapwood of lime with very specific guarantees:
Roussillon wild sapwood of lime to the exclusion of any other source.
Harvesting between 700 and 1,100 metres altitude is carried out when the sap is at its most concentrated, in order to ensure that the active ingredients are optimised.
Pure sapwood, which is free from any bark elements; only the active part remains.
Such guarantees have enabled La Gravelline to obtain organic certification.
Active components per phial:
Organic Tilia cordata sylvestris
Alcohol-free, preservative free, colorant free.
Box of thirty 10 ml phials
Recommended use:
3 phials per day diluted in a large glass of water, on an empty stomach. (do not exceed the recommended dose)
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